Here you will find updates about Clint Lorance with complete information on the case. Also, by following the United American Patriots website,, you will find additional detailed information on Clint’s case. After reading the biography and case scenarios, you will get the idea about the real injustice that has been done to Clint Lorance.

Just go through all the updates from the beginning that are related to this case and the appeal made by US Army 1LT Clint Lorance. With it, the truth behind the conspiracy against LT Clint Lorance of the US Army when he was deployed to Afghanistan in March 2012, will become crystal clear to you. From being the first member of his family, who graduated with a college degree, to the first member of his family being imprisoned, and for bravely fighting for the country, his story is a real painful truth. This family has been fighting for justice for many years!


Article: The Case of Paratrooper Clint Lorance, Convicted of Murder after Ambush in Afghanistan, 2012 — Soldier of Fortune Magazine

Video: Anna Lorance mother of Clint Lorance, Julie Golsteyn Wife of Matt Golsteyn, Andrea Gallagher wife of Eddie Gallagher speaking out about the wrongful injustice.