1. How can I contact Clint?

Clint does not have access to the internet and his phone access is very restricted. You may, however, write to Clint directly via US Mail at the following address:

Clint Lorance 93197
1300 North Warehouse Road
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027

2. How can I donate?

  • Send a cashiers check (ONLY) or money order to Clint directly at the address above. Clint uses this money for the
    overly expensive prison phone system and to buy necessities such as writing materials, books and to
    pay his college tuition.
  • Donate online using PayPal. This money is used to keep this site active and updated, as well as aggressively
    broadcast Clint’s case to Americans in every state by using Facebook advertising. We think it is important for
    all Americans to be aware that this sort of thing is happening in our military.
  • Donate to the Non-Profit United American Patriots. This money is used to ensure the Lawyers are all paid
    in full. Additionally, when Clint’s immediate family members visit him in Kansas, United American Patriots reimburses them for
    their travel expense. This makes frequent visitation possible.

3. Who can I contact to learn more about the case?

Visit the Updates page to this site to learn the most up-to-date information on the status of the case.
You may also contact the Team at freeclintlorance@yahoo.com

4. What was Clint charged with specifically?

While engaged in combat in Afghanistan, Clint was charged with attempted murder of a male of Afghan descent, two counts of murder of a male of Afghan descent, ordering a sniper to fire into an abandoned village and a few military-specific charges. It is important to note that the Government prosecutors knew the men Clint killed were enemy fighters, but withheld this information from Clint’s lawyers at trial.